Allstar Cheer- Allstar cheer is a very athletic sport which is becoming more and more popular. It consists of dance, jumps, stunting and tumbling. This is a very competitive sport and is now provisionally in the Olympics! Allstar cheer is held in different age catogories and at different levels dependent on the ability of the team. We currently hold classes in level one and two for all ages and our recretional cheer classes consist of all areas of all star cheer!


Pom Dance- This is a style of dance involving technical skills such as Jumps, Leaps and spins. It is one of our most competitive styles which we have won many grand champion titles and bids to compete in places such as Daytona Florida. We offer classes for all age ranges and there is no restriction on ability. We just ask for athletes to  hard work, be dedication and show passion when joining competitive teams. Our recreational cheer classes also touch upon this during their training sessions giving them an all round cheer experience.


Jazz Dance- This is a technique based style of dance, which can be presented in many forms and styles. The dance can be upbeat or a little slower depending on the routine selected and is focused on correct body placement. This style of dance also involves skills such as turns, kicks and leaps.


Lyrical/ Contemporary dance- Oftern mistaken for its alikeness to Jazz, lyrical/ contemporary has a style of its own. Oftern a slower paced dance as its connection to ballet is clear, the most important intention of the dance is to tell the story behind the song. This story telling style of dance has become very popular at Dance for Dreams Studios.


Hip Hop-Hip Hop is an upbeat "pop" style of dance seen in most music videos of our time. These motions focus on isolated movements of the body and controlled sharp motions. Skills can also be performed in this style of dance but are not focused upon.


Tumble- Tumble is a form of gymnastics which is where an athlete performs a head over feet movement on a performance surface. These are taught using a range of drills and progressions to teach the skills safely.